The World Of Designer Men's Footwear

Practically all the men around the world have a minimum of one pair of shoes. All men need shoes because walking around barefoot is not practical. When shopping for men's shoes, men usually base their decisions on how comfortably the shoes fit and how durable the shoes are. Women, on the other hand, can shop for shoes for hours before choosing a pair and they often end up exchanging them after they get them home.

A lot of men are not aware of it, but they need to know four basic things about buying designer shoes. Some shoes are intended for a specific purpose like work shoes. You can't wear loafers to a job where heavy work boots are needed. Athletes also need special types of shoes and they need good shoes or else their performance could suffer. A lot of men are not aware of the types of designer shoes they need for the various occasions in their life. When men are wearing a nice suit, they need nice dress shoes.

The following are the most common kinds of designer shoes for men:

Oxfords are lace up shoes for men that have a structural design and are stylish. Oxfords sit below a man's ankles. Oxfords come in a few different types including:

   1. Bluchers - These open laced shoes have a side stitch on the top front of the shoe.
   2. Balmorals - These closed laced oxfords are closed by laces stitched under the front part closing over the tongue. That way, the appearance is as if it is one piece of leather.
   3. Cap Shoe - This is an oxford that has an additional piece of leather at the toe of the shoe. Cap shoes can have leather embroidery on them or they can be plain.
   4. Saddle - These oxfords have a saddle shape leather piece on the instep.
   5. Kilties - The tongue of these is made from fringed leather which covers the instep so you don't see the laces or eyelets.
   6. Wingtops - These are the most common types of oxfords and have broguering on the toes that looks like a bird with its wings extended.

Loafers are a type of dress shoes that are low cut and resemble a moccasin on the top. These shoes have wide, flat heels. Loafers come in different types including penny loafers, moccasins, tassels, and buckles.

Men's shoes are about more than dress shoes. Casual shoes resemble oxfords but have rubber soles. These types of shoes for men go great with jeans, khakis, corduroys, and other casual pants.

The main point of this article is to inform you about the right shoe to buy for the different occasions in life you will encounter. If you have an important work meeting put on a pair of oxfords. If less casual then loafers will probably do. There are men's shoes for any occasion.

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