Vintage Fashion - Return Of The Retro

Retro Fashion is back and how! This is an age where we see the return of the retro fashion era. Gone are the days of modern clothes and accessories because according to the fashion gurus, the buzz is that Vintage is the "in" thing in the fashion circuit. With the "old is new" setting in people are busy giving their wardrobes a retro make-over.

Vintage fashion is the fashion that people used to follow in the 50s, 60s, and 70s. Everything about that age was big and bright and way over-the-top. In-order to go for the hard-core retro look you first need to choose a particular era because each era had a distinct fashion. You can even go for the all-in-one retro look by picking prominent fashions from each period and combining them to get a revolutionary look.

You can also create your own fashion trends by mixing and matching fashion pieces from the past and the present. This will give a personalized image to your fashion sense. You can even choose to include the one item which stood out in every era into your closet because this will prevent you from overdoing it.

Some of the famous style-statements from the past are listed below:

    * Tweed Jacket from the 1950s.
    * Polyester-leisure suit from the very famous disco numbers.
    * Psychedelic patterns or hippie designs.
    * Butterfly-collared button down shirts.
    * Bell-bottom polyester pants fitted at the waist.
    * Unisex platform shoes.
    * Peasant skirts
    * Grunge clothing or rock-star fashion
    * Tuxedos from the 70s
    * Bold flapper dresses.
    * Elaborate hairstyles
    * Winged eyeliners very bold
    * Heavy-duty accessories.

The retro fashion was larger than life. It is cyclic hence it keeps coming back. Retro fashion is a great way of paying homage to the memories, incidents, or people of the past. It is almost safe to say that according to the fashion blog retro is the new modern.

Cheryl Ross is a pro in giving fashion related tips and advises. In this article she has revealed to us the growing trend of retro fashion which is soon catching up with people like wild fire. For more details visit this fashion blog