Versatile Navy Shoes

It is not uncommon for women to have more pairs of shoes that they can possibly wear. There are pairs that are safe like those that can be yanked off the shoe rack and paired with just about anything. There are also pairs that are to be brought out during special occasions only. Finally, there are pairs that are meant to be left, labels intact inside the closet for all eternity. What most women don't realize is that the fault lies not with the shoe color, but on how they wear them. So before one starts stashing their navy blue pumps into that category, one might first want to check out these tips on how to wear navy shoes

Navy shoes are fabulous vintage pieces. They are timeless, elegant, stylish and sophisticated. When paired with similar vintage pieces such as a soft, frilly sundress in nude, it results to instant old Hollywood glamor. One can wrap up the whole look with a string of good quality pearls.

Navy shoes enable women to dress for success. Whether one is job-hunting or prepping up for that much-awaited promotion, navy blue shoes that are smartly paired with a sharp business suit or a work-appropriate skirt convey intelligence and ambition. They also go well with ever popular crisp white shirts and tailored black pants. When choosing pantyhose to wear with navy blue shoes, nudes are always the safest bet.

This color offers more styling options for the basics. For the creative dresser, these shoes open up an entire new world for mixing and styling since they blend in easily with many wardrobe casuals such as white and cream sweaters and black and khaki pants. To jazz up one's style, one needs to stop wearing Capri's with a pair of comfortable navy pumps are the perfect get-up for going about one's daily business.

Navy shoes create beauty in their simplicity. The fact that the color is not too eye-catching is great news especially during memorable occasions when one wants to draw attention to their outfit. Gold and navy creates a marvelous marriage of colors on the red carpet. When pairing navy blue shoes with a single-color cocktail dress or evening gown, throwing in plenty of chunky, colorful accessories with interesting details are guaranteed to make one a standout.

Finally, they are a perfect addition to color blocking matches. Contrary to what most women think, navy blue is not just meant to be worn with navy blue. If one wants to make her outfit work, then you generally want to avoid over-matching. Match with neutral colors as they add fantastic contrast. Some great neutral colors to go with include khaki, beige and a variety of white's (off-white, ivory etc).

Its no wonder this shade of blue is some of the most coveted colors for women's shoes. Darker shades are generally easier to match with just about anything you may have in the wardrobe. For that reason, navy blue seems to have really caught on in this day and age.

Navy shoes are some of the most popular colors in the UK today. For a good variety of navy shoes for women, come shop with us today!