Jewelry for Your Own Best Look

Your jewelry can help your style and appearance or be a distraction. If you chose your jewelry based on your size, face shape, hair length, skin tone, and the occasion you are working in the right direction. If you base that choice on your own personal style you can create your own unique look.

Skin Tone

If it you have blue undertones, you have a cool tone. You probably look better with mauve blush and burgundy or plum lipstick. The colors you use in your clothing are blues or blue-based.You look best in silver or platinum.

If the undertones of your skin are yellow or warm, your blush would be in tones of peach and your best lipstick colors are brownish tones or corals. You look best in gold.
Either skin tone can look good with pieces using both silver and gold. You can also chose pearls with shading that will complement your skin. A pearl with pinkish or silver shading will be beautiful on you.For a warm toned skin, you might want to look for a coral or golden tone on your pearls.


One of the most obvious points is that wearing huge jewelry can overwhelm a petite woman and a tiny pearl necklace can be lost on a large woman. However, that petite woman may be able to wear one large piece as a statement if she limits her jewelry to that one piece of accents that huge bracelet with tiny earrings. If she wants a larger look for necklace, the petite woman can wear a series of chains that will give more presence without a chunky or heavy look.

The larger woman may be able to wear a tiny pair of earrings if they are of brilliant design or in a fabulous color or rare gemstone. She would look best in larger pieces or sets, but outrageously large pieces will not necessarily be the best look for the larger woman.


If your face is oval, you can wear a wide range of shapes, sizes and styles of earrings. If you have an oblong, square, triangular or heart shaped face, the combination of your hair style and your earrings can help enhance your face

The width of your face as well as your jaw width can be enhanced or camouflaged by wearing the right earrings. If you have a very wide jaw, having earrings that end just at the jaw will not look good. Your wide square jaw will look good with a longer sleek earring. If your jaw is narrow, you can wear an earring that is a little wider and ends just at the jaw to balance your face.
If your face is very round, you may also want to wear the elongated earring rather than a hoop, which will just make your face look more round. If your forehead is slightly narrow, a larger earring will just bring more weight to the bottom half of your face. You would do better with a button or cluster type of earring.


Trendy jewelry can be fun and it is frequently sold as affordable fashion jewelry or costume jewelry. Wearing fashion jewelry even with last year's outfit can make your look quite contemporary. You do, however need to coordinate the trend with your own personal style as well as your stature. If the trend is toward huge rings and your hands are small or fat, they are not likely to look good on you, so you might want to participate in another of the current styles like a large bracelet or chandelier earrings.

Personal Style

Consider your own personal style first when choosing your jewelry. If you need a set of pearls and your personal style is formal, casual or bohemian, you can see that your choice can be affected. A more formal person can wear a string of pearls or simple chain with post earrings. A person who has a more bohemian personal style may choose vintage jewelry or ethnic jewelry while staying appropriate to her outfit. A casual outdoor type might want to keep her jewelry close fitting and sturdy to work well with her lifestyle.

It is good, if possible to work with your body type, current trends and your coloring, but the key is still to chose jewelry you enjoy wearing and jewelry that suits your personal style. You always seem to look best in what you really love to wear.