Themes For A Winter Wedding

Having a winter wedding gives you the opportunity to be as flamboyant as you like on your wedding day. There are many themes that you just wouldn't be able to pull off during a wedding during any of the other seasons. Have you always envisaged a Narnia inspired spectacular, an elegant black and white ball or a Christmas themed extravaganza? Now is your moment! Discuss with your fiancé what themes fit and work well with your style and personalities as a are a few enchanting ideas of what your romantic day could entail to start you off.

Why not recreate your own winter wonderland? By using pure white linen with artificial snow scattered around, you and your guests will be transported into Narnia. Centre pieces like silver or white branches and twigs, crystals and fairy lights are simple but extremely effective. Lots of candles give off the perfect amount of light and if added around a scattering of crystals or rhinestones gives a gentle sparkle and a warming glow. Using a hint of colour such as an icy pink, blue or silver on your chair sashes, in your cake, wedding favours and for the bridal party would really pop, and give an extra wow against the white backdrop.

Complete your outfit with a full length fur trimmed cloak or a fur wrap or bolero, with smaller versions for the bridesmaids. Think the snow queen, and look the part in a crown style tiara. Your flower girl could drop glitter, crystals, white petals or snow as you float down the aisle to greet your awaiting husband to be. Carry a bouquet made of crystal flowers, or pure white flowers finished off with a hint of your chosen colour would look equally stunning. Or complete your look with a simple fur muff. Lanterns could be carried by your bridesmaids.

If you really fancy blowing the budget then how about getting in some ice sculptures, alternatively a white chocolate fountain would work well. Icicles and snowflakes, with the odd snowman and snowwoman would help complete this winter whimsical theme. You never you know you may even experience some of the real white fluffy stuff on your big day; just think of the added excitement that would bring!

A black and white ball wedding is the perfect excuse for the men to wear a tuxedo and the ladies to don an evening gown. Elegant, timeless and classic, you can tailor it to be as simple or as extravagant as you desire. You could have a black gown and your bridesmaids in white, or have a wedding dress with black detailing and send your maids off on a jaunt to find their own black dress that works for them. Finding a basic monochrome design and using it throughout the décor in your wedding such as invitations, favours, or cake works well.

Christmas themed weddings are of course a popular choice for a winter wedding. Be careful that the theme does not outshine your wedding day. The traditional Christmas colours of forest green and ruby reds are a stunning combination with a hint of gold, ivory or bronze to give an even colour balance. Think pretty Christmas trees and twinkling fairy lights. Centre pieces could be a tree or a large vase or glass ball filled with baubles, pine cones, holly or mistletoe. Wreaths with a candle in the middle would also be a breath-taking centrepiece. Favours could be a beautiful personalised bauble with your names and the wedding day inscribed on it. Your wedding dress could be complemented by a red cloak, you may even choose to wear a red bridal gown or have some red detail incorporated into it. A bouquet of white or red poinsettias could be that finishing touch. As Christmas is such an inspiring time of year your options are almost endless.

Alternatively New Year's Eve or Valentine's Day works well for an unusual theme. Picture a black tie affair with all your loved ones to see in the New Year and celebrate your marriage as a new chapter of your life begins as Mr and Mrs. Or opt for a sea of reds and pinks with hearts abound for a Valentine's Day theme.

Another option is an Enchanted Forest theme. Lots of branch arrangements carefully placed around the room with maybe a hint of fairies or renaissance. Decorative fairies with pretty fairy wings and headpieces for your flower girls. Fairy lights will add to the ambiance. If you choose the renaissance theme you could ask your guests to dress in period costumes and hold you big day in a castle or a barn, and perhaps choose a period costume inspired wedding dress.

With the number of weddings that take place during the Spring and Summer, your Winter wedding will stand out and be a truly enthralling experience for your guests.

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