Customised Ring Binders

Customised ring binders have many different flavours. They are available as basic polypropylene, presentation binders, PVC and paper over board. You can have ring binders with a maximum of six rings, or just four or even only two. The shape of the ring can also vary. They can be square or round, but most often they are D rings. The rings are usually nickel plated, but they can also be coloured, if preferred. The lever arch system is a more sophisticated type of ring binder and has a lot of flexibility in use. The A4 standard European format is the most common size for ring binders, and screen printing, hot foil blocking or full colour litho can be used to create fully customised ring binders of your choice.

The most common type of customised folders and binders are those made from PVC. The versatility of this material is undoubtedly the reason for its popularity as it can be customised in so many different ways. The most common variation with PVC binders is to be found in the different finishes and textures used. This, combined with customised colours, can really set your ring binder apart. When you add fancy edge stitching, corner protectors, folders, wallets and pen loops, you can easily create the kind of customised ring binders that cause people to look twice.

If you need your customised folders and binders to be environmentally friendly, then paper over board is most likely your best choice of material. While PVC is perhaps the easiest material to work with, paper over board offers a viable alternative. Printing on paper over board is where the real customisation options come into their own. Your choice of printing methods and techniques becomes almost limitless. A polyester film in gloss or matt can cover the end product, or it can be laminated and mounted on a hard board created from recycled materials.

Customised binders made from polypropylene also offer and environmentally option as they can be recycled when no longer in use. Polypropylene has hard-wearing and strong characteristics. They also offer a degree of heat resistance, and they are extremely versatile when it comes to customisation options. Polypropylene is particularly good as a material if you require embossing in your customised folders or binders.


The personalisation options available when ordering ring binders are far too many to list. If you need your binders to be unique and stand out form the crowd, it's actually easier than you might think. Their relative low cost and high branding capabilities, as well as their simple usefulness, make customised ring binders a winner every time.

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