Top Eight Shoe Trends for Fall and Winter 2011/2012

Just as the clothing trends are diverse this year, so are the shoe trends. In 2011, designers have given us various styles of different textures to match our mood and personality. As to the popular colors, dark blue, chocolate, metallic, beige and burgundy are in. As always, we stick to darker hues and earth colors for fall and winter. Let's save those bright hues for summer and spring.

1.Suede. Suede consistently makes it to the list of shoe trends this time of year. Suede matches the mood of the season and is perfect for that casual, chic look.

2. Reptile Skin. This season we see a lot of models walking down the catwalk wearing shoes made from crocodile or snake leather. of course. This trend can be a bit tricky to follow since you'll have to carefully match your reptile skin footwear with an outfit that won't make you look cheap. You could go really bold by choosing bright hues, or opt for a more natural look with neutral toned reptile skin shoes.

3. Satin. Satin shoes are gorgeous as they always carry that sense of of timeless elegance. They're great for formal occasions. Wear them with a long dress or pencil skirt and prepare yourself to receive lots of compliments.

4. Socks in Shoes. Yes, it's now fashionable to wear socks in stilettos, oxford shoes and pumps. This look is for the fashionistas and those who are not afraid of getting a bit of attention. This look is quite popular in Japan with young women following this trend for quite a while now. This look is cute, fun and sassy.

5. Spike heels. There's nothing sexier than spike heels. This shoe is perfect for an exciting night out with friends or a romantic date.

6. Leather. In autumn or winter, leather boots are a must-have. This season however, designers have showcased leather in a myriad of styles as seen in leather pumps, stilettos and platforms.

7. Lace-up Booties. Show more oomph by wearing lace-up booties. They're hip, young and fun. These booties are great not only for fall and winter. but in spring as well.

8. Chunky heels. If you're not a fan of stilettos, perhaps you can try on a pair of trendy chunky heels. Wearing these heels isn't going to be as tiring as wearing thin heels. They're in vogue and very, very comfortable.These heels are also perfect if you're going for that vintage look.

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