Five Tips For Creating Great Party Bags

Are you planning a party and searching for great ideas to get some party bags together for your guests? You probably already know that you will need to have something that is memorable so people will see that you really put some time into your planning. So how can you create the best kinds of party bags while saving your budget for the other things you will need to make the party wonderful? Well, there a few things you must do in order to create great party bags and make sure that people understand you really made an effort to thank them for coming. Here are five great tips to get you on track.

1. Get help
There are probably some people you know, especially kids, who might love to be able to say that they made something for the party bags. Why not get some of them to help you, so that they can say they made a contribution, and so that you can save yourself a bit of trouble? Besides, if some of them are attending the party, it will add to their perceived value of the party bags.

2. Make at least one thing unique
How cool would it be if everyone got at least one thing in their bag that was different? Instead of having all of the same things in each bag, why not have one thing that is special and unique to that one person? Just be sure that there is no favoritism shown; you do not want to create envy among your guests. You can do this by making a special bag for each person, or by surprising them by handing out the bags randomly.

3. Make two bags. One for before the party and one for taking home.
This can be done by making one party bag into two party bags. There are some things you are going to include that will not be of much use after the party, but will be a lot of fun during the party. You also want to give them something to take away with them so that they will have something to remember the occasion by.

4. Be sure that the favors match your party theme.
Every party has to have some kind of theme to be exciting. In other words, don't just have a birthday party, instead let the birthday guest choose a theme that really excites them. Then, as you plan the party bags and even the food and decorations, you can have the contents consistent with the theme of the party.

5. Have a game for one of the items
In other words, if you want to have a bubble blowing contest then you have a bubble blowing kit it the party bags. This will give your guests a reason to open the bags and actually start using the contents. Games are a great way to add excitement to a party, so make sure that you have that in mind as you create your party bags.

Finally, as you are creating the bags, you may want to consider having one of your guests responsible for making sure that everyone gets theirs and that everything is in them. This means you may have to have some replacements if something breaks. You already have enough things on your mind as the host of the party, so be sure that you have someone else to help you take the pressure off. Have fun!

Danielle Brooks is a freelance writer who loves to entertain. Her favorite flatware is fiestaware flatware