Top 10 Ideas For Children's Party Bags

Want to make the children's party bags a little extra special on your child's next birthday, but unsure what to do? You're in luck! Here are 10 fun ideas you can use to make those little tote bags more attractive and fun for your child's friends!

Idea #1 - Chinese Rice Boxes! You know those cute little cartons or plastic containers that Chinese restaurants always put your take-out food in? They're very cheap at thrift stores, and they'll fit right into Chinese-themed parties or birthdays that fall on February (around the Chinese New Year).

Idea #2 - Toys to blow bubbles with! Fill the children party bags with toys to blow bubbles with, and you can expect a lawn with bubbles floating all around and kids jumping and running to pop them.

Idea #3 - Bandanas! Wrap the toys and sweets in colorful bandanas, which the kids can later wear during the party. It's great for cowboy- and pirate-themed parties!

Idea #4 - Arts & Crafts! It's never "nerdy" to insert a little education into the party, especially if your child is the creative type. Fill the bags with colored paper, paste, and scissors, and have a magician handy to teach the kids a few neat tricks and projects.

Idea #5 - Balloons! Everyone loves blowing balloons, especially when there's a talented balloon twister in the party. Fill every party bags for children with a pack of easy-to-blow balloons, and it'll keep the party popping!

Idea #6 - Themed Toys! Does your little one have a favorite animal? It's easy to find cute soft toys and/or figurines to include in the party bags. You can also tie a personally-written thank-you note to the little toys.

Idea #7 - Balloons, Part 2... Here's a neat trick -- how about stuff the treats into balloons, and then inflate them? These unique party bags are definitely tempting to look at, and the kids have to pop the balloons to get at the treats. Preparing these party bags take a bit of getting used to, so feel free to practice ahead of time.

Idea #8 - Jewelry! It's always a good idea to throw in a few funny rings, bracelets, headbands, and necklaces into the party bags. The kids will look dazzling!

Idea #9 - Beach Pails! Put all the treats and toys in colorful beach pails -- great if you're holding the party on a beach. This one's especially popular with the young kids, and will keep them busy for hours.

Idea #10 - Upside-down top hats! Like with the bandanas, your kids will love wearing these magician hats after working through the treats and toys inside. Top hat party bags will also set the tone for a great magic show.

Got it? Good! If these 10 ideas for children's party bags aren't enough, feel free to visit the website below.

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